More news on I Saw Nick Drake

We have now had three intensive all day planning sessions on our upcoming book I Saw Nick Drake: photographs by Keith Morris. We are working with with Clare Morris, her daughter Sevrin, and designer David Costa on this project, and I have to say that the current draft of the book is looking magnificent.

The chapters on Five Leaves Left and Bryter Later are looking particularly stunning right now, and they have had the most attention so far. We have some work to do still on Pink Moon, but it will be looking stellar in a couple of weeks. 

Here’s a sneaky peak of one of the draft double page spreads in the book, from the Bryter Later chapter, of four beautiful images of Nick Drake taken in Regent’s Park in 1970. The exciting thing about this spread is the sheer physical size: it measures a monster size 24 inches high x 36 inches wide (60x90cm), when the book is opened up, so each of these four images is approximately 11 x 16 inches (29 x 40 cm). That’s a great size to appreciate the exquisite detail and nuances.

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It’s difficult to cover Nick Drake songs. Lisa Hannigan absolutely nails it in her cover of At The Chime of a City Clock.

I’ve just approached her management to see what it would cost to get Lisa to play at the launch for our upcoming Nick Drake book, I Saw Nick Drake: photographs by Keith Morris. I suspect she is going to be out of range, but you never know…

Our second book - I Saw Nick Drake

I’m delighted to announce that the subject of Ormond Yard Press’ second book is Nick Drake. The full title of the book is I Saw Nick Drake: Photographs by Keith Morris.

We have been working closely with the estate of Keith Morris to create what will be the definitive book of photographs from the late photographer’s outstanding Nick Drake archives. Nick Drake was an enigma, and he has never been the focus of a specific photographic study before now. Couple that with the the fact that Keith Morris, a superb photographer, has the definitive Nick Drake photographic archive, and you have a pretty heady cocktail.

I Saw Nick Drake is going to be a different kind of project to our first book, Born To Run Revisited by Eric Meola. It will be on the same epic physical scale as Born To Run Revisited - with a mammoth 24 x 36 inch spread size when the book is open. However, because we need to include, at the last count, 200+ photographs within the confines of a 96 page book, the logistics prevent us from including everything over double page spreads (an important feature in Born To Run Revisited.) So parts of the book will be more traditional, if anything can be called traditional within the confines of that huge page size. It is an incredibly exciting project to be working on, and I feel a real privilege as I review hundreds of previously unpublished photographs.

We will be having a very special book launch event  at the gallery in London. Will superstar Nick Drake fan Brad Pitt be at the opening party? Who can say….. but plenty of news on this indispensable book will follow.

Here’s a draft of page 1 of the book - the first thing you see when you open those huge covers. I’ll tell you some more about the title of the book and this image in a later post.

If you would like us to contact you specifically when the pre-order process kicks off, let us know by email at